Find below the famous recipe of the « Merveilleux » de Lille a City located in the north of France. People go crazy for those cakes.

Made out of meringue and aromated with whipping cream it is a must to taste, therefore why not finish your delicious meal with an outstanding dessert easy to do

Those meringues are light and crunchy. Unlike traditional meringues it will bake at 170 degrees towards 110 for only 25 to 35 minutes.

100g egg whites temperate (room temperature at least one hour before)

(60 g of an egg or medium contains about 25 g of yellow, white and 30g 5g shell)

100g sugar

100g sifted icing sugar

1/2 capsule « Ristretto » Nespresso

100g very cold whipping cream

(Min 35% fat is essential or it will not have the Whipped consistency)

10g caster sugar

Coffee extract or half a mug « Ristretto »

(alternatively a  very strong coffee will do.

100g chocolate  70% cocoa  or biscuit  Speculos (5 spires cookies)

Some whole hazelnuts

Preheat your oven to 170 °

Start to beat your white has two speed increasing as measurement and adding powdered sugar three times to obtain tight white, which make a nice beak very brilliant.

Before the end, turn off the mixer for a second and put to maximum power

ahere is what you should achieve



 Add the icing sugar and Ristretto capsule folding gently with a spatula preferably silicon.

Once you get an homogeneous texture pour it into a pipping bag no nozzle needed  and lay 8cm diameter circles on baking sheet .

 If you do not have a pastry bag, use a freezer bag. You can also use a stainless steel circle 8cm diameter, dip it in a neutral oil (grapeseed or sunflower), place it to your baking tray, put the meringue using two tablespoons, and remove the circle. You will get perfect circles.

After this step lift and drop the plate several times over your working surface to flatten the meringues.Bake for 25 to 35 minutes.

As for me I draw circles 8 cm so that they are perfect. I used  the shape of Mickey Mouse as I had them before to make macaroons shaped

as Disney characters


Meringues poached


Meringues out of the oven


Personally I prefer 25 minutes because they remain soft inside but you will not be able to sotre them for long.

Baked for 35 minutes they can be stored 3 weeks in a air tight container .

They should be lightly colored on the outside, white on the inside and crunchy.

Let them cool on a wire rack.

Meanwhile, remove the cream from the refrigerator, it should be very cold.

Whip the cream, adding 10g of sugar and coffee extract (or half cup coffee).

(this could be done the day before, which helps your organization at a dinner with guests).

For the  speculos:

Buy  cookies in your favorite grocery store. Put them in a freezing bag with a wooden spoon or a meat tenderizer hammer

it to get the crumbs. Or you can also buy already crumbs one could be found in some culinary websites or specialized shops.

For chocolate meringues:

Take your chocolate and make a sharp chips by pressing with the palm of your hand on your knife blade.

You will then get great chocolate chips

On a plate  put chocolate chips or broken Speculos.

To roast the hazelnuts you have three possibilities:

1 / Bake for 10 minutes at 150 °,

2 / microwave maximum speed for a minute. And repeat the moving in each time.

This should not take more than 3 minutes.

3 / as the picture attached to the dry frying pan, over high heat. I prefer this way but we must be cautious and stir the frying pan from time to time.


In a cloth rub hazelnuts  to remove the skin. Then crush them with a knife.

Now is the finishing touch, put some cream on top of one meringue, add some hazelnut on top and cover with a another meringue.

Then, using a spatula, cover well whipped meringue coffee and generously sprinkle the chocolate chips.

let it refrigerate, they can be stored 24 hours in the refrigerator or you can freeze them. Just let it  in defreeze gently several hours in the refrigerator.