This pie is absolutely gorgeous

Serves 6 to 8 people

you can use tart circle of 20 or 22 cm diameter

(It also works in 24) or a tart mould.

I used a circle of 28 cm and added an extra 20% for the filling.

I could even have increased by 25%.

Almond cream

100g butter

100g icing sugar

100g ground almonds

100g whole egg (it takes 2 or 3 eggs, beating on a fork and keep only 100g)

2 caps amber rhum (not mandidory)

Six 1/2 pears in syrup (I put 8)

Halved almonds

100g topping glossy (I took the topping in Vahine)


Prepare all ingredients and most of all remove the butter from the fridge at least 1 hour before use.

Make the sweet pastry.

see the link

Store in refrigerator at least 30 minutes.

If the dough is too cold let it set at room temperature, as it will not roll easily.

Prepare the pears. Remove from the can and let it drain in a colander.

Roll out the dough and fold in your mould.

Prick with a fork and chill again cold covered with cling film.

In a tray with paper towels put pears and tab to remove excess syrup. Or the juice will ruin your tart while baking.

Slice the pears into thin slices and set aside.

IMG_3121On a plate  sprinkle sliced almonds and roast them in the microwave for 1 minute maximum power. remove the plate, move them and back to the mirowave for another 1 minute. Let it set. picture before and after


almond cream

Mix the butter with a wooden spoon, when he has the consistency of a paste add the almond powder and sifted icing sugar , then vanilla extract and 2 liquid caps amber rum (if wanted).

When you get a good homogeneous texture, add the beaten eggs.

Spread the cream evenly



and set sliced pears with a spatula tip facing the center of the pie but close to the border. You need a shape of a sun with the last 1/2 pear in the middle.

Press gently with your fingers on the half-pear slices in order to lay each slice down.

See picture below as it is difficult to explain.


Sprinkle with almonds

Bake at 170 ° C for 25 minutes or until golden pie.

Set on a wire rack.

Immediately, coat generously the top of your pie.

Christophe Michalak, world champion pastry chef, uses a good quince jam. He places it in the microwave for one minute.

Pear and quince are a good mix.

chocolate covered Marshmallow


Today  your children will love the recipe and probably most your friends as well !

What do you think of a  marshmallow on a biscuit covered by chocolate?

For this I used

1 Italian meringue

1 sweet dough

minimum 300 g dark chocolate, milk or white

Here is what I used but please feel free to use whatever you like

It makes: 24 pcs of 35mm

My meringue the link below:

For the quantities

Ground 1: 65 g sugar and 17 g of water

Ground 2: 40 g and 15 g of white sugar


I suggest you buy a scale spoon because it is very difficult to  quantify such a small amount.

You may very well increase the quantity of the sweets, they will surely be eaten fast but I always advise when testing a new recipe try to stick to what  it says.

You can always substitute when you already know what to expect from a recipe.

Make a sweet dough see the attached link;

I used half of this amount

Let it chill at least 30 min.

Roll  the dough  0.5 cm thick. With a cookie cutter make biscuits.

Bake for  fifteen minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C. Gaz 6

Or until edges are nicely golden. (As pictured)

Preferably cool on a wire rack.


Meanwhile, prepare the meringue:

Linked above

Put the meringue in a pastry bag, I chose a round tip nozzle

but you can easily subsitute with a star tip

it will even look  prettier .

Poach on the cookies making small mountains.

If it is not perfect it is not important and rather amusing.

Children would be more than happy to help you, the pastry bag is always an attraction my house.


In a preheated oven at 110 ° C

Let them dry for 15 minutes.

Place your sweets on a wire rack fairly spaced so that they be properly
fully covered


To make sure I do not make a mess I placed a baking sheet under

the rack.

Melt the dark chocolate, milk or white and cover the snow hook!

I used a fairly good amount to cover them fully.

Using a wooden spoon, I tapped on the rack to remove the excess

chocolate and  get  a thin layer, I think it tastes better


If you wish you can add vermicelli or colored sugar .


Allow to dry at room temperature as the refrigerator will tend to put spots on the chocolate.

On the inside you will find this:


Although I doubt you will have left overs but if you do make sure you do not to keep more than 24 hours, and they shall be stored in the refrigerator. 


It is always pleasure to read your comment.  Also do not hesitate to  ask questions I will be more than happy to answer you.