Risotto is delicious to eat hot and freshly made.

But what do you do with the leftovers.

My family, I guess I spoiled them too much, would not eat a reheated risotto especially the next day.

As I never spoil food, I decided to look through the internet and found some ideas to adapt to my family tastes.I do apologize, this time I will not give you the precise quantity since it all depends on how much left over risotto you have.

You will need:

Left over Risotto

Onion, peeled and diced

Chorizo diced

Olive oil

Whipping cream or double cream

diced Mozzarella cheese

3 whole eggs

breadcrumbs or



In a pan fry onion with olive oil.

When reach golden color add the risotto and mix in some whipping cream. Continue cooking until you reach a nice combined consistency.


Let it cool in a large plate.

With your hands (I use disposable gloves), make ball shape out of risotto.

Then place at the center of each ball one diced mozzarella. Make sure it is well covered as you do not want your cheese to come out easily while frying.


Whisk the eggs and pass trough a strainer in order to get a smooth texture. Place in a large bowl.

In another bowl poor the bread crumbs.


Deep and roll the balls in the eggs mixture, lift and allow excess egg to drip off, then put it on the breadcrumb bowl. Using the other hand roll in and again shake off to remove excess. Again roll into the eggs mixture and then bread crumbs.

It is slightly time consuming but coating it twice give an extra crispy texture that is so yummy.

Repeat with all the remaining Arancini rosi.


In a wok, heat up oil at 375 degrees.

The result is absolutely divine.


You can store the balls before being fried in the freezer for later use.

When you ready to eat them, put in the

microwave at lowest temperature for 2 minutes. Then it is ready to be fried.

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